The Geek Online Electronic Parts Superstore was created as a final project in the fall of 2013 for my XML course. For this project I spent roughly ten hours a day for seven days and during this time I taught myself how to transform XML to usable content through PHP. From this project I gained a higher understanding of how XML and Data Validation works and now have a firmer grasp of how xpath selection works within XSLT.

GEEK functions just as any other online etailer.  You see products, and you add them to your cart.  Once they're in your cart you can see a subtotal of multiple quantities and also a total of all items within your cart.  Unknown to the customer though is the whole process is generated, calculated and displayed from data stored within XML files.  Each page is generated with XSLTransformation via PHP.  The cart is a session based cookie that holds the product ID number of the items they have added.  Before every XSLT action the xml is passed through validation, if the XML document fails validation an error is sent to the user.  In the screenshots above is a flowchart of how the XSLT process works.