Peckr was created as a tool for front-end development.  While developing my own projects, I noticed the need to grab colors from places off the web that inspired me, but Peckr needed to be more than just a color reader.  I needed a way to directly copy a color code for immediate use.  The first version of Peckr was extremely basic, but suited my needs well.  Over time I decided to also add rgb color copy as well.  It currently is part of my daily development toolkit.

Peckr is fully contained within one executable, that can be run from a flash-drive.  It has a small footprint so it can be run on almost any system with ease.  Currently it has only been tested to work with Windows 7.

Unfortunately Peckr will only be available for Windows.


Future Plans

  • Add log of previously copied colors
  • Change hotkey to something easier to use
  • Make the display movable
  • Add color picker

Change Log

  • Updated BSD license
  • Icon created
  • Icon updated
  • Application created


How to Install

Once you download the zip, extract the exe to any location you choose.  Once the file has been extracted, run Peckr.exe and begin using the application.

How to Use Peckr

Peckr is a simple point and shoot interface.  Find a color you want to copy and press ~+F1 to copy the hex code (#123456).  If you need the rgb value of the color instead use ~+f2 to copy it (rgb(123,123,123)).

Application of Peckr

Peckr can be used by anyone that is developing content for the web.  It allows effortless access to information that would normally detract time and focus away from your project.